The heart of the NP Auto Group reservation system is its ASAP Rates technology, our proprietary web based reservation management portal. The ASAP Rates technology makes rate adjustments simple. We support over 150 car classes and are able to support any currency.

Our software also features reservation management as well as Reporting, and Financial Accounting modules to provide you with up to date information on your reservations, volumes and your projected commissions and invoices.

We host the ASAP Rate system on Amazon Web Servers, and all of your customer data is kept secure in the cloud behind our defense contractor grade cloud hosting and security team. In 2020 we achieved 99.999% uptime on our system, and have implemented cloud load balancing architecture to ensure we are responding to requests from our network efficiently and securely.

The ASAP Rate system is PCI compliant, utilizing SecureWorks for regular vulnerability scans and implementing the industry's highest standards for data security.

We have also partnered with car rental rate AI provider Rate Highway to offer an automated competitive rate sapling and adjustment solution for those looking to achieve the next level in yield management and efficiency.

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