NP Auto Group Affiliate Program

The NP Auto Group Reservations Services program is offered under the Nextcar and Priceless brands, in select markets, world wide.

This affiliate program features the extensive and always expanding NP Auto Group reservation system, that is connected seamlessly in real time to Travelport, Sabre and Amadeus. The NP reservation system features 20+ OTA's, North American and Global Travel Agent systems, the US government DTMO system, international and domestic Brokers, and our own booking properties that extend from our own websites which we SEO for each client, and to our call center and on to our apps for iOS and Android.

The NP Reservation services program is open only to qualified independent car rental operators who are committed to providing a high level of customer service and top notch rental vehicles.  We are searching for strong, independent car rental companies who want to expand their reach and compete head to head with the majors as affiliates of either NextCar or Priceless Car Rental.  
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